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December 2017

Teva under fire for layoffs

in Economy & Innovation

Born in 1951, Teva Pharmaceuticals has since grown into a multinational pharmaceutical giant. Headquartered in Israel and with locations in Europe and North and South America, Teva is in a time of crisis. Since the death of Teva’s “father,” Eli Hurvitz, in 2011, the company has declined in many ways, and with new CEO Kare…

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How Christmas happens in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

The first time I experienced Christmas in Israel I felt a void. Growing up in America, it was the first time in my life that December 25 was treated as a regular day. The sun was shining. Stores, restaurants and offices were open. Not one Santa Claus was in sight. I was no longer destined…

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Pineapple treatment solution for burn victims

in Health & Science

Imagine if, instead of requiring surgery after a burn trauma, all you needed was a pineapple. After decades of dedicated research, a new noninvasive approach is using pineapple enzymes to treat severe burns. The idea was inspired by Dr. Jerry Klein, a doctor who after World War 2, saw the need to treat a large…

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The SocialTech Revolution is Here

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report

Imagine being able to save six billion male baby chicks from dying every year? Because they don’t lay eggs and cannot be used for poultry, billions of baby chicks are murdered and discarded annually. An Israeli startup, eggXYt, aims o save the chicks and found a solution which saves money and lives, decreases waste, and creates exponential…

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Hannukah Miracles are Happening

in Life, Culture & Sports

When the Greeks attempted to force their culture and religion on the Jews of Israel, the Greeks chose to act in violence. They destroyed the Second Temple, the Jewish house of worship, and surrounded the scene with Greek statues and pigs, both signs of intolerance and disrespect. What today would be considered a serious hate…

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