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February 2020

Israeli Cyclists Ride in UAE Tour

in Life, Culture & Sports

With their official appearance in the Tour de France, the Israeli cycling team, Start Up Nation, received an automatic bid to compete in the 2020 UAE tour. The tour began on Sunday, and is the Middle East’s largest cycling event, and the only one in the region as part of the World Tour. It kicks…

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Coronavirus Updates in Israel

in Health & Science

With coronavirus already spreading to 28 countries besides China, the Health Ministry is trying to protect its citizens; however, may not have the capacity to do so should outbreak hit. A tour group from South Korea, visiting Israel for a week in early February, has been infected with coronavirus, or COVID-19. All 77 members of…

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Moovit Drives Public Transit Forward in 100 Countries

in Economy & Innovation

The popular Israeli transit app, Moovit, is expanding globally, and will now serve over 720 million users in over 100 countries in 6 continents. The app, which launched in 2011, allows for individuals to see real time public transport updates, and navigate their way around cities based on the various public transport choices. While the…

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That Time Israel and Sinai were Friends

in Tourism & Nature

I could feel the nerves running through my veins. Welcome to Egypt. It was my first time crossing the border since moving to Israel in 2010. I had heard that Israelis adored Sinai, yet the rumors quickly shifted in 2011 after an uptick of violence, spurred by terrorists whose aim was to create destruction of…

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Israeli Aircraft Flies Over Sudanese Air Space for First Time

in Economy & Innovation

In its inaugural journey, an Israeli airplane flew over Sudan for the first time en route to Kinshasa in the Congo. In the past, Israeli aircrafts have been forbidden to fly over African countries, forced to land in Jordan or another country so that they are not logged as Israeli flights. However, after a recent…

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