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June 2019

New Comedian Lightens Up Middle Eastern Heaviness  

in Life, Culture & Sports

Her career was set to sky rocket into peace building and political diplomacy – until she flexed her most natural superpower – hilariously sharing her stories. Today, Noam Schuster Eliassi is taking the comedic world by storm, while still keeping her peace building passion in her sights, just with more freedom to share her truest…

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Construction Startup Industry Booms Towards Better Safety

in Economy & Innovation

There’s a reason I fear walking past construction sites on the streets of Tel Aviv. It could have to do with the occasional hot sparks that fly free from soon-to-be buildings, the unsteady ladders leaning along uneven sidewalks, or the haphazard cultural mindset that feels built into every blueprint of every awkwardly calculated building. It…

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Once Upon a Time in Be’er Sheva

in Life, Culture & Sports

A hopeful desert harvest, a solo street shoe cobbler, or a celebratory dance circle are captured in black and white, yet the old time images scream with soul. The photographs are a few of the many which were captured after 1948, when Israel was setting its foundations. The slew of photos from the 1950s and…

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Herzliya and Eilat Lead Plastic Ban

in Uncategorized

We need to talk about plastic. Over 300 million tons of plastic is produced annually, and about 80 million tons of it makes it into our oceans and seas. In just one kilometer of Tel Aviv beach, 50 pounds of plastic per day litters the shorelines. This tags Tel Aviv as the third most plastic…

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Fruit Theft on the Rise in Israel

in Tourism & Nature

Avocados, watermelons, grapes, and other popular produce are in danger as an epidemic of agricultural crime is sweeping through the ripening farms of Israel. A group of thieves was recently caught by the Israeli Border Police stealing tons of avocados, which they planned to sell for less than the market value aiming to make hundreds…

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