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May 2020

Do We Really Need More Learning on Shavuot?

in Life, Culture & Sports

Just seven weeks after Passover comes the bookend of the harvest holidays called Shavuot, also known as the Feast of the Weeks. Shavuot celebrates the day the Jewish people first received the Torah at Mount Sinai, and welcomed the sacred wisdom passed down from above to below. Today, Shavuot tradition includes feasting on dairy and…

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Corona Shock Takes an Emotional Toll

in Health & Science

With an economic lockdown that brought shock and fear in massive waves, the re-opening of Israeli society has many Israelis resistant to its speed, with a fresh type of shell shock as the daily grind of “real life” returns. How quickly it takes one routine to crumble, and how quickly does it take us to…

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The Hesitant Return of the Restaurants

in Life, Culture & Sports

While it may seem like good news to most, restaurants re-opening across Israel as of May 27 is an ongoing deep struggle for owners, employees, and consumers alike. For the Israeli residents post-lockdown, many haven’t worked for months, lost their jobs, and don’t have the funds to go out and enjoy the luxury of dining.…

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A Heatwave of Climate Change Hits Israel

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Extreme heat is common in the Middle East; however, Israel is experiencing a record-breaking feat with the highest temperatures for the longest period of time during May. In what has been almost a week-long heatwave, temperatures have soared over 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The unprecedented temperatures have resulted in waves of Israelis…

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Corona Re-Opening Continues in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

As Israeli society continues to slowly reopen, the economy is struggling to catch up after its two-month lockdown. A sense of normalcy breezes through the air, yet restrictions are still set in place for residents, whether they choose to abide or not. In the latest numbers, 16,650 have been confirmed with COVID-19 and 278 have…

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