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January 2016

The world’s most beautiful restaurant is in….Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Great news for art and culinary lovers travelling to Israel: according to the ‘International Space Design Award’, the most beautiful restaurant can be found in Tel Aviv. ‘Pastel’ won this year’s competition against more than 4,000 competitors from 35 countries. The interior of the restaurant was designed by the architects Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg,…

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Israeli startup WIX buys in at 2015’s Superbowl

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli startupWix is not only one of the most successful companies in the Holy Country but soon to be internationally renowned as well – Wix bought a 30-second slot at this year’s Superbowl for no less than 4.5 million US-Dollar. What will be shown on Feb 1 to millions of people remains a well-kept…

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Jewish-American Student develops intelligent alarm clock

in Economy & Innovation

Zach Bamberger had an amazing idea during his internship in Netanya, Israel. He developed an alarm clock application that checks the roads, weather changes or traffic jams and calculates the wakeup call accordingly. “An intelligent alarm clock knows our routine, it knows the way to work, our regular appointments and calculates the time we have…

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Eshkol: War means living in a shelter

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

Eshkol could be used as a synonym for growing potatoes and tomatoes – literally. The area is so rich that its harvest covers around 70% of the produce in Israel. However, the population of 14,500 in the 31 communities, kibbutzim and moshavim have to readjust their priorities at the moment: Hammas’ tunnels, permanent rockets and…

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