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October 2019

Israeli Woman Wins Gold in Kickboxing Championship

in Life, Culture & Sports

Yulia Sachkov, a 21-year old from Haifa, won the gold medal in the World Kickboxing Championship held in Bosnia this past week. Sachkov competed in K-1 style of kickboxing against her Czech opponent in the under 52 kilograms weight class. Excited for the win after spending six days a week, five hours a day training,…

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Israelis are Overweight and Dying Sooner

in Health & Science

 A recent report from the OECD has shown an increase in Israel’s obesity statistics. The report shows that 50.9% of Israelis are overweight, and 35% of them are children. The report also shares that the additional weight might be the cause for shortening their lifespan, by about 3.3 years. For the half of Israelis who…

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Plastic Free is the Way to Be in Business

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Big business is finally buying in to the fact that consumers care about the environment – and they should too. Big name companies are making changes to their internal processes to support more sustainable structures, and also, their consumer market. IKEA Israel has announced their removal of one-time plastic use items, in their store and…

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NASA’S First All-Female Spacewalk Makes History

in Economy & Innovation

History was made when a team of 14 women from NASA launched and completed the first women-only spacewalking journey. The team of American women included one Jewish woman, Jessica Meir, whose father is Israeli. The journey comes 16 years after the death of Ilan Ramon, NASA’S first Israeli astronaut, who was on the Columbia mission…

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Breathing Poison; Air Pollution Increases by 28%

in Health & Science

Our breathing air is getting increasingly toxic, found a recent report published by Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry. The report states that landfill fires account for 60% of recognized carcinogen emissions. Those emissions are linked to cancer, and caused a 28% increase in air pollution in Israel. Of the 570 factories reported on in Israel, the…

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