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January 2018

Premature Babies Get Supreme Medical Treatment

in Health & Science

In their fresh and most fragile first moments of life, preemie babies are the most difficult to care for. About 15 million babies are born prematurely per year, and about 1 million die due to medical complications. Some studies believe that 75% of preemie babies, those born before 37 weeks, can be saved with proper…

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More Israelis Learning Arabic

in Life, Culture & Sports

Street signs across Israel are home to the country’s two official languages, Hebrew and Arabic. While there is a divide between the languages and cultures alike, being able to communicate could be just the necessary bridge for a more peaceful future in Israel. Unfortunately, the amount of Israelis who study the Arabic language has been…

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Israeli Water Crisis Strikes Again

in Tourism & Nature

Pray for rain and ration your water. Take shorter showers and don’t water your gardens. Save the Kinneret! Most people with Israel in their periphery have heard these phrases, which had become a deeply ingrained belief in Israel’s relationship with water, or lack thereof. A decade ago, the Israeli government started an awareness campaign called…

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A Girl Grows in Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports

Bang, bang, bang. As I wander through the streets of Tel Aviv, I can’t help but notice the endlessly present white noise of building. Since moving here seven years ago, and inevitably landing next to a construction site with every move, I quickly understood that this city operates in constant transition mode, building itself from the…

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How Banks and Bitcoin Get Along

in Economy & Innovation

Not surprisingly, banks and Bitcoin aren’t getting along. In the most recent flurry of financial mayhem, droves of peoples are buying Bitcoin, and the banks around the world are not on board. The Bank of Israel stated that they will not recognize cryptocurrencies as legitimate currency, and it is currently considered a digital asset. While…

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