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December 2018

Israeli Inclusivity Town Being Built for Disabled

in Life, Culture & Sports

Inclusivity is taking priority in Israel, thanks to inspiration from the musician Yitzchak Perlman’s Genesis Prize. Since being named the 2016 winner, Perlman has taken massive steps to create more inclusive opportunities for people who are disabled across Israel. One project is a brand new town near Beer Sheba called Daniel, which will be all…

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Yellow Vest Protests in Israel Demand Economic Justice

in Economy & Innovation

Cost of living in Israel is reaching a point of no return. Prices are rising across the board, including by about 4.5% for water bills, 6% for electricity, plus fuel, phone bills, food, and more. Even the Bank of Israel has increased their interest rate from 0.1% to 0.25%, the first rate increase since 2011…

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Israel Ranks Top 3 for Most Educated Country

in Life, Culture & Sports

According to a 2017 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Israel ranks number three on the shortlist for the most educated countries worldwide. The report is calculated by the country’s population in the age bracket of those who graduated with post-secondary degrees. With Israel’s population of over 8 million, about 50.9% of…

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A Million Dreams on the Moon

in Health & Science

A mission to the moon will carry a unique Israeli time capsule along with it for future generations. Along with the Declaration of Israeli Independence, an unmanned space craft will carry with it an Israeli flag, a map of Israel, a copy of the national anthem, the Bible, and a protective traveler’s prayer; in Hebrew…

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Jesus’ Baptism Site Not a War Zone

in Tourism & Nature

From a holy ground to a war zone and back again, the site where Jesus is thought to have been baptized is all clear of mines, according to the Israeli Defense Ministry. The area which runs along the west bank of the Jordan River, now called Qasr al-Yahud, was once a war zone between Israel…

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