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March 2021

The Cave of Horror Unearthed New Valuable Findings

in Tourism & Nature

May all of our readers, donors, and friends who celebrate Passover have a safe and happy holiday! From our family to yours, Happy Passover.   Lack of funding has been the main halting factor when it comes to the Israel Antiquities Authority’s ability to scout the depths of the Judean desert for the likely treasures…

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Embryo Grows Outside the Womb

in Health & Science

After three and half years of research, Professor Jacob Hanna of the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot has succeeded in growing a mouse embryo without a womb for the first time ever. While there have been attempts in the past, this is the first time that the embryo was able to fully develop its organs and…

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Supreme Court Reopens Airport

in Uncategorized

A Supreme Court ruling has deemed the airport closures and limits unconstitutional, especially running so close to Israel’s fourth round of elections, which took place on March 23. As of Sunday, travel quotas were dropped, and there was no longer a need for the approval committee to enter and exit the country for Israeli citizens.…

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Invitation For Our Readers: Webinar ‘The Abraham Accords’

in Economy & Innovation

Invitation for a Zoom webinar on the cooperation between Swiss Business Communities in Israel and the United Arabs Emirates for the benefit of Switzerland, co-initiated by the Israeli-Swiss Association, publisher of Israel Between The Lines. The United Arab Emirates signed “The Abraham Accords” with the State of Israel last summer, on the initiative and strong…

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Guardian App Attempts to Offer Women Safety in Public Spaces

in Life, Culture & Sports

Instead of the standard “key between the fingers” or readily gripping pepper spray in your purse, a new app was invented in attempts to create a safety network for women who feel scared in urban public spaces. With one in three women assaulted, this app is more needed than ever. Launched in Tel Aviv in…

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