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Saving Water Despite Desert Lands

in Health & Science

It’s no secret that water is in short supply and large demand in Israel. While the country placed itself on the map for water desalination and drip irrigation as resource-saving hacks, climate change, and population growth are quickly creating an undeniable truth – the water is drying up. Despite having cultivated much of its desert…

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Santa Clause Floats the Dead Sea

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Last Sunday, Santa Claus took a trip to the Dead Sea, decked in his full suit and carrying a decorated Christmas tree. While it’s not Christmas time just yet, this isn’t that strange for the Jewish state, which typically sees over a million Christian tourists annually. Since COVID-19 has halted the majority of international travel…

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This Israeli Robot Picks Fruit  

in Economy & Innovation

At least 10% of fruit rots on trees because there aren’t enough people to pick it. For farmers who work year-round on their fields, harvest season often requires not only the need to pick fruit quickly for minimal waste, but also to hire workers, provide housing and insurance, healthcare, and transportation, making for an extra…

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The Biggest Beach Cleanup Hopes to Break Global Record

in Tourism & Nature

With at least 26 collaborating organizations, 12,000 people attending via the Facebook event, and over 100 locations on the cleanup list, Israel is planning to turn up to clean up this Friday, October 30. The coalition of organizations includes The Coalition of the Mediterranean People, Life and Environment, Coastal Authorities Organization, EcoOcean. The groups have…

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Public Battle for Private Waters

in Tourism & Nature

Should public waters on private land be open to the Israeli public? This is a major question that has risen since early summer 2020, when a group of protestors reigned upon Kibbutz Nir David to demand public access to the freshwater Asi River running through it in an ongoing campaign called Free the Asi. Nir…

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