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Communal Living Makes a Comeback

in Life, Culture & Sports

One could say the concept sprouted in Israel with the first kibbutz in 1909, when group settlements and collective living experiences were both desirable and necessary for survival. Today, of the 270 kibbutzim which exist in Israel, only a handful still operate like they used to. Capitalism and commercialism made communal living less needed and…

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Intransition: An Art Exhibit to Support Transgender

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

When two young Israelis, both identifying as transgender, were murdered in Tel Aviv this past summer, the LGBTQ community raised their rainbow flags high and protested against the violence towards the queer community. In the past decade around the globe, almost 3,000 transgender and diverse-gender people have been killed by shooting, stabbing or beating. And…

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Young Israeli Wins Prestigious Jazz Award

in Life, Culture & Sports

Tel Aviv native Tom Oren was granted with a prestigious prize for young jazz artists in Washington DC. The 24-year-old received the first prize award during the International Piano Competition from the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, which included $25,000 and a record deal. More importantly, it guarantees his immediate recognition as a promising jazz…

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The Tel Aviv Bike Path is Blossoming

in Tourism & Nature

For an urban hub like Tel Aviv, bike paths are a hot topic. Given the consistent increase in congestion and traffic, local residents tend to use bicycles, not solely to enjoy the ride, but to get from point A to B. The relationship between cyclists, drivers and even pedestrians has been rocky. With poorly set…

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Tel Aviv is Only 21% Youth

in Economy & Innovation

Compared to other major cities in Israel, Tel Aviv has the least percentage of children 17 and under. In a recent report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Modiin Illit, an Orthodox town, has the highest percentage of youth at 64%, versus Tel Aviv whose population is only made up of 21%. Living in…

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