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Tel Aviv Most Expensive City in the World

in Economy & Innovation

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Tel Aviv surpassed Paris, Singapore, and New York, jumping into first place as the number one most expensive city in the world. Supported by the strength of the New Israeli Shekel and the rising transport and grocery prices, the white city has reached a new economic peak, and not…

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World Renowned Japanese Art Exhibit Visits Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports

In a quickly selling-out exhibit, renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama famous fantastical artistry will head to Tel Aviv. Opening on November 15 and running until mid-April, tickets are currently only available in February. The 92-year old Kusama is known for her interactive, enveloping, mesmerizing displays of many polka dots and repetitions. Her art exhibit ranks…

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100,000 Big Dreams for 2030

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

What do Google, the sewing machine, and the periodic table have in common? They were all inspired by a dream. While ‘dreamers’ are not often taken seriously, there is a serious need for more dreams, believes Sharonna Karni Cohen, Founder of Dreame, a venture which turns people’s dreams into art. This year, inspired by International…

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Love Death and Plastic: A Wake Up Call for Israel

in Health & Science

Walking from the cobblestone road into Jaffa’s local Sharabiya house, the beautiful walls and floors are littered in trash – specifically millions of pieces of microplastic beautifully shapeshifted into coral reefs, sea creatures, photography, and more. Collected by Evelyn Anca, co-founder of Plastic Free Israel and sustainable artist of the 16 plastic pieces, the room…

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Shark Nursery Discovered in Tel Aviv Seas

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Recent research has shown a heavy concentration of deepwater baby sharks and eggs were found off the coast of Tel Aviv, which they say speaks majorly to the impact that climate change is having on the deep sea. The large nursery “was happening under our noses for thousands of years…hiding in plain sight, which highlights…

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