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January 2021

Israel Still Leads in Vaccination Rollout

in Health & Science

With 23% of Israel’s population having received the Pfizer vaccine, Israel continues to lead the way forward in the COVID vaccination campaign. More than 2 million residents have received at least the first dose so far, with another 700,000 doses arriving on Sunday, January 10. Officials say that 5 million Israelis will be vaccinated by mid-March.…

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New Bee Species Discovered in Restoration Project

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Bee populations have declined nearly 90% in the past years, and have been placed on the endangered species list. While tiny in size, bees play a massive role in our greater ecosystem, and so their preservation is crucial. In good news, researchers at Hebrew University have identified a new bee species in Israel’s coastal area,…

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Jerusalem Building Plan Causes Environmental Concern

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Despite 6,000 rejections, Israel’s National Planning and Building Council approved a building plan for a new neighborhood in the Jerusalem Hills. The White Ridge planning project includes 5,250 housing units spanning about 1,045 dunams, or 260 acres. Two new buildings were also approved at the Ora Junction, though project leaders were asked to reduce the…

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Israeli Innovation Saves Caribbean Beaches

in Economy & Innovation

When Ydgal Ach visited the Dominican Republic in 2018, he was met firsthand with one of their major pain points: an excessive amount of stinky seaweed washed up along their beautiful white beaches. The algae called Sargassum was continuously being washed in from the ocean, seasonally hitting the shores. When Ach discovered that as a…

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Jewish Population in Israel Slightly Drops

in Life, Culture & Sports

Since last year, the percentage of the Jewish population in Israel has dropped. As reported from a Central Bureau of Statistics report, the Jewish population went from 74.1% to 73.9%. While only a 0.2% drop, it feels significant to those in charge of protecting the values of the Jewish state. The report was spotlighted by…

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