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January 2021

Let Holocaust Memorial Day Mark Our Liberation

in Life, Culture & Sports

My dad doesn’t talk about it, and his parents never talked about it. It makes our family history blurry, despite the fact that I can feel the third-generation trauma in my blood. It’s as if the memories flow deeply through my veins, and while I can’t recall the stories, I sense the deep sorrow that…

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Corona Chaos Escalates in Israel

in Health & Science

This past week has seen an escalation of sorts in Israel. As of Sunday, Ben Gurion Airport was shut down for at least two weeks, and the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc within the country’s borders. While over 2.7 million Israelis have received the vaccine, half of them the full dose, there are still people…

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Is Biodegradable Plastic a Possibility?

in Economy & Innovation

Within the last decade, more plastic has been produced than in the last century. Of 300 tons of plastic being produced, half of that is for one-time use. With the rise of convenience culture, plastic isn’t going away, but perhaps, a new finding in how it’s recycled may support a more sustainable future. The main…

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Comment from Prof. Gabriel Izbicki: To Be Vaccinated or Not To Be

in Health & Science

Comment from Prof. Gabriel Izbicki, Head of the Pneumology Department at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. After the interview I gave for BTL News and other media, where I, among other things, stated that we should be careful with the COVID-19 vaccine, I want to share my current recommendations. As I heard some people who…

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New App Eases Treatment of Neurological Disorders

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

In a world growing more remote, there is also a growing need for at-home medical care. A new app called Montfort is now bridging the gap between doctors and patients who may have neurological conditions. The app runs a number of physiological, motor, cognitive, and mood tests, which can be monitored and provide results based…

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