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10 African Ambassadors Receive Israeli Air Filter System

in Economy & Innovation

As Israel continues to tackle, and hopefully overcome, COVID-19, other countries are still struggling to contain the deadly virus. In a recent gathering, the founders of Aura Air, a cutting-edge air purifying system, presented their product for use to various African ambassadors, from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea,…

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Israeli Architecture Must Get Greener

in Health & Science/Monthly Report

Mitzpe Ramon, a small Israeli desert town in the middle of the spectacular Ramon crater is architecturally interesting. But while buildings, like luxury hotel Beresheet, just look like they’re well adapted to their surroundings (in truth, the “natural stone” is only decorated concrete), the “Landroom Observatory” is using building materials that fit well in the…

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Guardian App Attempts to Offer Women Safety in Public Spaces

in Life, Culture & Sports

Instead of the standard “key between the fingers” or readily gripping pepper spray in your purse, a new app was invented in attempts to create a safety network for women who feel scared in urban public spaces. With one in three women assaulted, this app is more needed than ever. Launched in Tel Aviv in…

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Culture and Tourism Coming Back to Life

in Life, Culture & Sports

The Ministry of Health has launched the Green Pass, which is essentially an approval card for people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. The pass, while some question its legality, is, for now, allowing some limited cultural events to take place. After about a year of the economic shutdown, there is a…

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Unnatural Disaster: Worst Oil Spill in the Mediterranean Coast

in Health & Science

The worst oil spill to date has marred at least 40% of Israel’s coastline. About sixteen towns over 106 miles situated along the Mediterranean Sea have been impacted by an undocumented oil spill that released dozens of tons of oil into the sea. Since last Wednesday, black tar is washing up along the shorelines, and…

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