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ReMilk Reimagines Dairy Products – Raises $11.3 million

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Imagine having a glass of dairy milk without needing a cow. Remilk is reimagining dairy products and how they are produced. The Israeli company recently raised $11.3 million dollars in their first investment round and speaks to the rising market for plant and animal alternatives. The team has uncovered a way to use only 5%…

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Saving Water Despite Desert Lands

in Health & Science

It’s no secret that water is in short supply and large demand in Israel. While the country placed itself on the map for water desalination and drip irrigation as resource-saving hacks, climate change, and population growth are quickly creating an undeniable truth – the water is drying up. Despite having cultivated much of its desert…

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This Israeli Robot Picks Fruit  

in Economy & Innovation

At least 10% of fruit rots on trees because there aren’t enough people to pick it. For farmers who work year-round on their fields, harvest season often requires not only the need to pick fruit quickly for minimal waste, but also to hire workers, provide housing and insurance, healthcare, and transportation, making for an extra…

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Food Sales Fly in First Half of 2020

in Life, Culture & Sports

Given the current need to stay home, it’s not unexpected. In the first half of 2020, food sales increased by 9% compared to 2019, meaning an additional NIS 2 billion for the food and beverage industry. With millions of households full, mid-March’s lockdown and another imminent return, plus the closing of bars and restaurants, people…

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The Hesitant Return of the Restaurants

in Life, Culture & Sports

While it may seem like good news to most, restaurants re-opening across Israel as of May 27 is an ongoing deep struggle for owners, employees, and consumers alike. For the Israeli residents post-lockdown, many haven’t worked for months, lost their jobs, and don’t have the funds to go out and enjoy the luxury of dining.…

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