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The Largest Cancer Support Network is an Israeli App

in Health & Science

Dubbed the ‘Waze for cancer patients,’ this Israeli app is home to over 600,000 patients who are navigating the world of cancer treatment. When its three co-founders, CEO Elad Malki, CTO Irad Deutsch and COO Ohad Rubin, discovered they had all lost a loved one to cancer, and had made similar mistakes throughout the process,…

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Jerusalem’s Modern Catacombs Open in October

in Life, Culture & Sports

With minimal space and honoring Jewish law, Jerusalem authorities have been preparing a modern-day cave of catacombs to provide burial space for the dead. The city’s main cemetery situated on a hilltop, Har Hamenuhot, has reached capacity at almost a quarter million graves, and beginning this October, will start to utilize the underground space. Workers…

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Mindful Food Apps Hope to Change Consumption Mindset

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

About 2.5 million tons of food is wasted in Israel annually. While only half is considered rescuable, its value sits at about $2 billion dollars. With a clear gap in the market and a socio-economic need for change, a pair of cousins Elie Fischer and Laetitia Jessner were inspired to launch SpareEat. The Israeli developed…

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Israeli National Healthcare Spending Up

in Health & Science

The average country in the OECD index utilizes between 7.2% and 8.8% of their national budget on public healthcare. In 2018, the global OECD average spend was 8.8%, yet Israel remained well below at 7.6%. The numbers show that healthcare expenditure in Israel remains fairly stable since 2000, as it typically falls between 6.9% and…

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Imagining Israel Through Climate Change

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Imagine two more months of summer, melting summer nights, and air conditioning as a requirement. As temperatures continue to rise in Israel, and if no immediate changes are made to counter climate change, the Israeli lifestyle will shift drastically. Yet as Israel steadily pumps a high concentration of toxic chemicals, or greenhouse gases, and does…

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