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Israel Museum Ranked 17th Largest in World

in Life, Culture & Sports

The Israel Museum was ranked the 17th largest in the world based on a recent Newsweek publication. The museum, which has been open since 1965, sits in Jerusalem and houses archaeology, contemporary works, fine art, and Jewish ritual pieces sit in a 199,000 square foot gallery. The museum holds approximately 500,000 objects, though not all…

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Second Jerusalem Wildfire This Month

in Tourism & Nature

On Sunday, wildfires spread rapidly in the Judean Hills, which span across a cluster of suburbs outside of Jerusalem. At least ten communities were evacuated by authorities over the 52-hour battle, and a national security meeting of the Cabinet was cut short when the Prime Minister needed to tend to the engulfing force of nature. …

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Av: From Grief to Celebration

in Life, Culture & Sports

Despite the summer sunlight, the Jewish calendar points to darkness and destruction. Leading up to the saddest day of the year are The Three Weeks; a period of mourning that culminates on Tisha B’Av, and then extends into the emotional contradiction of Tu B’Av. Today it is celebrated like the Western tradition of Valentine’s Day,…

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Jerusalem Seeks More Business

in Economy & Innovation

Jerusalem Mayor, Moshe Lion, has a mission to make Jerusalem a hi-tech center of Israel. He’s backing it up with 1.1 million square meters of office space, approved for development in dedicated areas throughout the ancient city. Yet the reality is, that only 7% of employment in Israel takes hold in Jerusalem, and many startups…

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Jerusalem Building Plan Causes Environmental Concern

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Despite 6,000 rejections, Israel’s National Planning and Building Council approved a building plan for a new neighborhood in the Jerusalem Hills. The White Ridge planning project includes 5,250 housing units spanning about 1,045 dunams, or 260 acres. Two new buildings were also approved at the Ora Junction, though project leaders were asked to reduce the…

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