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Tel Aviv Named the 6th Healthiest City to Live

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

Tel Aviv was recently named the sixth healthiest city in the world to live in, based on an annual report. Known for its rampant vegan culture, 300 days of sunshine, hundreds of outdoor gyms, and unlimited wellness opportunities speak to why. The report itself was based on factors such as food prices, life expectancy,…

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Is Biodegradable Plastic a Possibility?

in Economy & Innovation

Within the last decade, more plastic has been produced than in the last century. Of 300 tons of plastic being produced, half of that is for one-time use. With the rise of convenience culture, plastic isn’t going away, but perhaps, a new finding in how it’s recycled may support a more sustainable future. The main…

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New App Eases Treatment of Neurological Disorders

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

In a world growing more remote, there is also a growing need for at-home medical care. A new app called Montfort is now bridging the gap between doctors and patients who may have neurological conditions. The app runs a number of physiological, motor, cognitive, and mood tests, which can be monitored and provide results based…

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New Bee Species Discovered in Restoration Project

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Bee populations have declined nearly 90% in the past years, and have been placed on the endangered species list. While tiny in size, bees play a massive role in our greater ecosystem, and so their preservation is crucial. In good news, researchers at Hebrew University have identified a new bee species in Israel’s coastal area,…

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Jewish Population in Israel Slightly Drops

in Life, Culture & Sports

Since last year, the percentage of the Jewish population in Israel has dropped. As reported from a Central Bureau of Statistics report, the Jewish population went from 74.1% to 73.9%. While only a 0.2% drop, it feels significant to those in charge of protecting the values of the Jewish state. The report was spotlighted by…

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