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Saving Water Despite Desert Lands

in Health & Science

It’s no secret that water is in short supply and large demand in Israel. While the country placed itself on the map for water desalination and drip irrigation as resource-saving hacks, climate change, and population growth are quickly creating an undeniable truth – the water is drying up. Despite having cultivated much of its desert…

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Santa Clause Floats the Dead Sea

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Last Sunday, Santa Claus took a trip to the Dead Sea, decked in his full suit and carrying a decorated Christmas tree. While it’s not Christmas time just yet, this isn’t that strange for the Jewish state, which typically sees over a million Christian tourists annually. Since COVID-19 has halted the majority of international travel…

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Taking Solar Energy to the Next Level

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

What if energy production was not only climate-friendly but also supported flourishing agriculture in the desert? Ralph Steigrad is trying to get Swiss and Israelis around a table for a pilot project to make it happen. As so often in life, the idea was inspired by a discussion. Ralph Steigrad was still living in Australia at…

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Investing in the Israeli Desert

in Economy & Innovation

More than half of Israel is desert land, yet thanks to innovation and dedication, the desert seems to be truly blossoming. With much focus placed on central Israel, specifically Tel Aviv, in terms of urban development, some eyes are shifting towards a more long-term, and less saturated, focused future – meaning that the Negev is…

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Bedouins and Polygamy Culture in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

In Bedouin culture, it is common for men to marry more than one wife. In Israel, it is not. For Bedouins living in Israel, with a population of over 200,000 in the Negev desert, polygamy is part of the culture. Typically, when husbands marry second wives, they often report it to the Muslim court system…

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