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Supreme Court Reopens Airport

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A Supreme Court ruling has deemed the airport closures and limits unconstitutional, especially running so close to Israel’s fourth round of elections, which took place on March 23. As of Sunday, travel quotas were dropped, and there was no longer a need for the approval committee to enter and exit the country for Israeli citizens.…

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A Life-Saving App for Distracted Drivers               

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Over three thousand five hundred people die every year because of texting while driving. Distracted driving has become the number one reason why roads are unsafe, especially with the rise of unhealthy phone habits and addiction. A Globes report states that 25% of accidents are caused by using cell phones, and about 1.6 million accidents…

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Israeli Documentary on Failed Susita Cars

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The Startup Nation of today didn’t succeed in every venture, and a recent film release shares such a failure. The documentary shares about Susita, an Israeli-made automobile from the 1960s. The venture was founded by Yitzchak Shubinksy, who excelled in business and lacked integrity, yet brought the first manufactured cars to Israel. Importing British parts,…

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Tel Aviv Gets a Ferry?

in Economy & Innovation

As light rail construction ensues until its alleged end date in 2022, all roads leading to Tel Aviv continue to grow in traffic congestion – though a new and quite creative solution was proposed – a ferry system. The idea was sourced by Miri Regev, the newly appointed Transportation Minister, who asked for solutions in…

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Second Wave of Corona has Arrived

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Over 220 coronavirus cases were confirmed in the last 48 hours. As the Israeli population gets hits with infections and wide-scale testing resumes, the economy will remain open despite specific districts shutting down. About 130 schools and 21,877 students and teachers are currently in quarantine. At least 418 cases have been confirmed in schools, with…

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