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September 2019

New Year, New Peaks

in Life, Culture & Sports

From our family to yours, we wish you a sweet new year! How has another year gone by? I could have sworn I just downed a tub of apples and honey and blew into a ram’s horn. It feels like mere minutes ago that I repented, atoned and journaled my way into the Book of…

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Smart Car Security Emerges with Israeli Startup

in Economy & Innovation

With innovations in smart transportation comes a new approach to car safety and security. Enter UVeye, an innovative computer machine learning approach to easily and efficiently inspect cars for danger, inside and out. It started when Amir Hever entered a parking lot, and saw his undercarriage was being checked with a mirror taped to a…

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Chickpea Milk Enters Plant-Based Market

in Health & Science

The newest superfood is rising to stardom, and the next generation of vegan protein is here. With no surprise from the Israeli startup world, it is inspired by none other than hummus. InnovoPro is the Israeli company which extracted 70% protein from the chickpea, labeled CP-Pro70. The protein is nutritional, has no aftertaste, and can…

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Israeli Election Firsts

in Life, Culture & Sports

Only twelve people have ever served as Prime Minister of Israel, which has recently held its 22nd election since its Declaration of Independence in 1948. In 1949, Israel ran its first National Assembly Election, where half a million voters and one thousand ballot stations were set up along the country. Not yet the Knesset until…

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Unexpected Rain Falls in Israel

in Tourism & Nature

Autumn rain is falling early in the Middle East, with the first rainfall hitting Israel on September 15. With annual back to school energies, the summer climate doesn’t typically break until October. This year however, in pleasant surprise, a splash of rain fell in the Northern part of the country while the weather remained warm.…

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