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April 2020

Sorrow and Celebration for Israel’s 72nd Birthday

in Life, Culture & Sports

It’s that time of year when the Jewish State commemorates great sorrow and great celebration. The back to back holiday of extremes approaches every year, and invites individuals as a collective to mourn the passing of terror victims and fallen soldiers, and then momentarily after, celebrate the birth of the State of Israel. The dissonance…

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The Almost Closing Terms of Coronavirus

in Health & Science

The State of Israel is slowly but surely returning to its norms. With confirmed corona cases decreasing, authorities are working to create a manageable exit plan and restore a smoothly functioning society. However, a lockdown curfew was put in place on Israeli Independence Day, to prevent gatherings from taking place. While up to 15,000 tests…

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The Sea of Galilee is Finally Full

in Tourism & Nature

The Sea of Galilee, or the Kinneret, has reached its full capacity thanks to the abundant rainfall and the lack of human intervention in the last few months. The Northern lake is overflowing its banks at 15.5 centimeters above the red line, a level which hasn’t been seen since the early 1990s. With a full…

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Corona Trend Reversal in Israel

in Health & Science

As of Sunday morning, restrictions loosened in Israel. With the rate of fatalities dropping day by day, authorities have announced a slight return to normal. Businesses like electronic stores, banks, furniture shops, and book stores are able to re-open. Restaurants can reopen for delivery only. Workplace staff can increase to 30%, and employees who return…

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Google Links Underwater Cable Project in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

Israel is connected to the worldwide web with three underwater internet cables, run by Bezeq, Telecom Italia, and Tamares Telecom. The cables connect Israel to the greater broadband network, essentially ensuring that Israel has an accessible internet connection. Each cable is built to last about 30 years, and there is about a decade of time…

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