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Airport Drama During COVID-19

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

One year later, with COVID-19 still filtering into our 2021, Israel has experienced a full spectrum of effects. While over half of the country has received their first vaccination given major campaign efforts, the Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered, with some exceptions to the rule. The airport was closed on January 25 as the country…

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Culture and Tourism Coming Back to Life

in Life, Culture & Sports

The Ministry of Health has launched the Green Pass, which is essentially an approval card for people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. The pass, while some question its legality, is, for now, allowing some limited cultural events to take place. After about a year of the economic shutdown, there is a…

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Early-Stage Arab Startups Receive Israeli Network Support

in Economy & Innovation

On a mission to “grow early-stage Arab-led startups into multimillion-dollar companies,” The Hybrid program supports eight startups per year to make the “startup investable” as soon as possible.  For the early-stage Arab entrepreneurs who are most certainly underrepresented in the startup world, there is a deep need for access to these resources, knowledge, and network.…

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Israel’s Slow Reopening Amidst Corona

in Health & Science

As lockdown lifted last week, Israel is slowly reopening its roads, doors, and economy – and its residents are flooding out with a new sense of restrained freedom. The corona crisis remains prevalent, and precautions are being taken to prevent another increase in the spread of the virus and a fourth national lockdown. Around 25%…

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Third Lockdown Ends As Israel Continues to Fight Coronavirus

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

After over a month in national lockdown, Israeli officials declared an economic reopening as of Sunday, February 7. Officials are meeting to determine how to effectively open Israel once again despite the still rising coronavirus cases. The airport remains closed, though officials have been said to be in travel agreement with Greece. Some outdoor and…

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