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Israel’s Inevitable Budget Issues

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli economy is growing, and its deficit is too. With rising expenses on a second election, tax increases, socioeconomic handouts, and increasing municipal salaries, Israel’s GDP has increased to 4%, despite an expected increase of only 2.9%. With the unknown future of the prime minister and its splay of governmental parties in stalemate, Israel’s…

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Israeli Doctors Don’t Want to Retire

in Health & Science

Retirement might seem dreamy to those who work tirelessly in their professional careers; however, once the milestone is reached, some retirees see a different reality. A study conducted in Israel was recently published in Harefuah, which is the journal of the Israel Medical Association. They found that doctors find it challenging to kick their careers…

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Israeli Election Firsts

in Life, Culture & Sports

Only twelve people have ever served as Prime Minister of Israel, which has recently held its 22nd election since its Declaration of Independence in 1948. In 1949, Israel ran its first National Assembly Election, where half a million voters and one thousand ballot stations were set up along the country. Not yet the Knesset until…

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Solar Energy Center Inaugurated in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

The Ashalim Solar Energy Center, situated in the Negev desert, has been inaugurated, and will begin to work commercially to supply solar energy power to about 70,000 homes in Israel. The 988-acre plant is the size of Petach Tikva, or about 400 soccer fields. The large desert expanse is made up of 16,000 parabolic troughs…

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Mindful Food Apps Hope to Change Consumption Mindset

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

About 2.5 million tons of food is wasted in Israel annually. While only half is considered rescuable, its value sits at about $2 billion dollars. With a clear gap in the market and a socio-economic need for change, a pair of cousins Elie Fischer and Laetitia Jessner were inspired to launch SpareEat. The Israeli developed…

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