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Will Israeli Tourism Be Popular Post-Pandemic?

in Tourism & Nature

Before March 2020, Israeli tourism was on the rise. As the economy reopens thanks to a mass vaccination campaign and the Green Passport concept, Israel may return to being a top-listed destination for global citizens who are craving a post-COVID getaway. Travel companies are already seeing bookings for the winter of 2021.  While flights are…

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Supreme Court Reopens Airport

in Uncategorized

A Supreme Court ruling has deemed the airport closures and limits unconstitutional, especially running so close to Israel’s fourth round of elections, which took place on March 23. As of Sunday, travel quotas were dropped, and there was no longer a need for the approval committee to enter and exit the country for Israeli citizens.…

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Airport Drama During COVID-19

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

One year later, with COVID-19 still filtering into our 2021, Israel has experienced a full spectrum of effects. While over half of the country has received their first vaccination given major campaign efforts, the Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered, with some exceptions to the rule. The airport was closed on January 25 as the country…

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Culture and Tourism Coming Back to Life

in Life, Culture & Sports

The Ministry of Health has launched the Green Pass, which is essentially an approval card for people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. The pass, while some question its legality, is, for now, allowing some limited cultural events to take place. After about a year of the economic shutdown, there is a…

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Red Flowers and February Showers

in Tourism & Nature

After only a couple of months of a wet winter, Israel’s typically neutral-colored landscapes burst into color during February, known as the month when the wildflowers bloom across forests and fields. The third national lockdown ended in perfect timing to witness nature’s cycle, as Israelis flowed to their favorite spots to seek and find the…

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