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Ministry of Education Wants Reform

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Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton this week unveiled further planned reforms for Israeli schools. Since she already gave the debt directors more financial opportunities and decision-making power at the beginning of the year (the Israeli school system is extremely centralized, so that debt directors have hardly any room for flexibility), she has now planned further changes…

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The Anu Museum of Jewish People and Why You Should Visit

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Located on Tel Aviv University’s main campus, the Anu Museum of the Jewish People is a history museum with a perspective unlike any other. “Anu” in Hebrew means “we” and this museum is a celebration of us. Built on the principles of openness, positivity, and history this is an interesting, colorful and lively museum, something…

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“Complete, Not Compete” – Creating a Culture of Sustainability 

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While I didn’t fully grasp it at first, my curiosity outweighed my cynicism. I was one of 60 others at the first WHT IF gathering, an aspiring culture movement, waiting to reach a surprise destination about 90 minutes past the Israeli border. Five minibuses filled with people, from Holland to Iraq and everywhere in between,…

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Israeli Youth Travel to UAE to Reimagine Future

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In the eighth year of its afterschool science, technology, and entrepreneurship program, PICO Kids has sent one of many upcoming delegations to Dubai for a 5-day summit focusing on water solutions. Sixteen kids, or PICO Ambassadors, from Jerusalem, Israel met a group of peers from the UAE who teamed up for a make-a-thon at the…

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Expect a Sea of Trash by 2050

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Sea temperatures in Eilat have reached their highest average in the last 30 years at 29.1 degrees Celsius (84.4 degrees F). The study done by Eilat Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences says that sea warming is increasing at an average of 0.036, which is three times higher than the global average.  The southern Red Sea…

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