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August 2021

“I Will Miss Tel Aviv’s Energy”

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Jean-Daniel Ruch was the Swiss ambassador to Israel for five years. We spoke to him for one last interview, where he looks back on his time in the country as well as thinks about the future of Israel … The interview was conducted by Katharina Höftmann Ciobotaru Israel Between the Lines (BTL): Mr. Ambassador, you…

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Love Death and Plastic: A Wake Up Call for Israel

in Health & Science

Walking from the cobblestone road into Jaffa’s local Sharabiya house, the beautiful walls and floors are littered in trash – specifically millions of pieces of microplastic beautifully shapeshifted into coral reefs, sea creatures, photography, and more. Collected by Evelyn Anca, co-founder of Plastic Free Israel and sustainable artist of the 16 plastic pieces, the room…

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New Solar Energy Field to Battle Climate Change 

in Economy & Innovation

In a bid for what may become the largest solar energy field in Israel, nine proposals from 11 companies have been submitted to the Finance and Energy Ministries. The new project comes on Israel’s immediate need to reduce greenhouse gases, and increase its renewable energy use, and Energy Minister Karin Elharrar says that “The Israeli…

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Second Jerusalem Wildfire This Month

in Tourism & Nature

On Sunday, wildfires spread rapidly in the Judean Hills, which span across a cluster of suburbs outside of Jerusalem. At least ten communities were evacuated by authorities over the 52-hour battle, and a national security meeting of the Cabinet was cut short when the Prime Minister needed to tend to the engulfing force of nature. …

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Israeli Founder Signs Million Dollar Deal with Walmart

in Economy & Innovation

After seven months of negotiation, Yael Vizel, Founder of Zeekit, finally closed the deal to sell her company to Walmart, the largest American retailer, for $200 million. While Walmart, with over 2.5 million employees, wasn’t the only massive conglomerate that offered to buy, Vizel chose their offer, as it was most beneficial to the company. “All…

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