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Jellyfish Mucus to Cure Plastic Pollution?

in Health & Science

Are jellyfish the solution to saving our seas and oceans? This is what two marine biologists from Haifa University are exploring as part of a global “GoJelly” project. The project is funded by a European Union initiative committed to developing, testing and promoting a “gelatinous solution to plastic pollution,” where “we will use jellyfish as…

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Zencity Tech Brings Power to the Locals

in Economy & Innovation

What do the people want? This is the question that city management company Zencity, answers for any local authorities wanting to listen. While the saying goes that the revolution will not be televised, they never said anything about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps that’s just where the people’s revolution begins. The…

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New Comedian Lightens Up Middle Eastern Heaviness  

in Life, Culture & Sports

Her career was set to sky rocket into peace building and political diplomacy – until she flexed her most natural superpower – hilariously sharing her stories. Today, Noam Schuster Eliassi is taking the comedic world by storm, while still keeping her peace building passion in her sights, just with more freedom to share her truest…

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Herzliya and Eilat Lead Plastic Ban

in Uncategorized

We need to talk about plastic. Over 300 million tons of plastic is produced annually, and about 80 million tons of it makes it into our oceans and seas. In just one kilometer of Tel Aviv beach, 50 pounds of plastic per day litters the shorelines. This tags Tel Aviv as the third most plastic…

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Self Driving Cars on Tel Aviv Road

in Economy & Innovation

Self driving cars have officially hit the road. Yandex, a Russian tech company with a fleet of autonomous cars, was given approval to test the autonomous cars in a northern part of Tel Aviv. The technology, comprised of aspects of computer vision, machine learning, and cloud technologies, was tested for the fifth time in an…

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