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Israeli Baseball Team Advances to Olympic Qualifier

in Life, Culture & Sports

The Israeli National Baseball team advanced to the quarterfinals in the European Baseball Championship which took place in Germany. The Israeli team qualified as one of the top five teams to move on to the Confederation Olympic Qualifier in Parma, Italy, beginning September 18. The Israeli team placed in fourth this year, following its successful…

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The Largest Cancer Support Network is an Israeli App

in Health & Science

Dubbed the ‘Waze for cancer patients,’ this Israeli app is home to over 600,000 patients who are navigating the world of cancer treatment. When its three co-founders, CEO Elad Malki, CTO Irad Deutsch and COO Ohad Rubin, discovered they had all lost a loved one to cancer, and had made similar mistakes throughout the process,…

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Israeli National Healthcare Spending Up

in Health & Science

The average country in the OECD index utilizes between 7.2% and 8.8% of their national budget on public healthcare. In 2018, the global OECD average spend was 8.8%, yet Israel remained well below at 7.6%. The numbers show that healthcare expenditure in Israel remains fairly stable since 2000, as it typically falls between 6.9% and…

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Israel Sends Support to the Amazon

in Tourism & Nature

Global alarm bells are ringing as the lungs of the Earth burn down in the Amazon rainforest. Thousands of fires are aflame since approximately August 10, which was tagged a day for fire by Brazilian farmers seeking farmland to raise cattle. While the world authorities have been slow to pay attention, social media activists started…

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Imagining Israel Through Climate Change

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Imagine two more months of summer, melting summer nights, and air conditioning as a requirement. As temperatures continue to rise in Israel, and if no immediate changes are made to counter climate change, the Israeli lifestyle will shift drastically. Yet as Israel steadily pumps a high concentration of toxic chemicals, or greenhouse gases, and does…

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