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Early-Stage Arab Startups Receive Israeli Network Support

in Economy & Innovation

On a mission to “grow early-stage Arab-led startups into multimillion-dollar companies,” The Hybrid program supports eight startups per year to make the “startup investable” as soon as possible.  For the early-stage Arab entrepreneurs who are most certainly underrepresented in the startup world, there is a deep need for access to these resources, knowledge, and network.…

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Israeli Fashion Week Gets Sustainable

in Life, Culture & Sports

Fashion is a highly creative commerce industry, yet the more abundance in design breeds more unsustainability within the industry. For the first time ever, Israeli Fashion Week will spotlight designers who focus on sustainable manufacturing and production processes. Forty of the top designers who have on-demand production cycles, use recycled textiles, and have a sustainable…

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Delivery Drones Trial the Skies in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

Five delivery drone companies have been chosen by the Israeli government in an attempt to unite the skies. As delivery drones become more accessible, they also become more dangerous. Given the rising number of companies and technologies, there is a strong need to create one regulated grid to ensure the drones don’t crash into each…

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Special Olympics Israel Changes Game for Doctor Patient Relationship

in Health & Science

People with intellectual disabilities have one of the lowest health access rates and outcomes, reported from UN data. This means that the people who need easier access to healthcare are finding more barriers to receiving proper care. However, the Special Olympics Israel (SOI) is working to change that with a new solution to an old…

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New App Eases Treatment of Neurological Disorders

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

In a world growing more remote, there is also a growing need for at-home medical care. A new app called Montfort is now bridging the gap between doctors and patients who may have neurological conditions. The app runs a number of physiological, motor, cognitive, and mood tests, which can be monitored and provide results based…

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