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Researchers Find Explanation for Biblical Plague

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Tel Aviv University researchers have uncovered why locusts form destructive swarms. Known as the eighth of ten plagues that hit Egypt when the Israelites were enslaved in the book of Exodus, swarms of locusts have destroyed crops and caused famines. In search of the answer to what causes the normally harmless and solitary insects to…

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Israeli Youth Travel to UAE to Reimagine Future

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In the eighth year of its afterschool science, technology, and entrepreneurship program, PICO Kids has sent one of many upcoming delegations to Dubai for a 5-day summit focusing on water solutions. Sixteen kids, or PICO Ambassadors, from Jerusalem, Israel met a group of peers from the UAE who teamed up for a make-a-thon at the…

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Researchers Create Zero Waste Optical Lenses 

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Despite a 300-year optical industry standard, two Israeli researchers have uncovered an innovative and comparably cheap, way to make optical lenses. While the traditional method typically requires a large slab of material, which is then ground down and shaped, resulting in about 80% waste, a new method allows for zero waste.  Enter Prof. Moran Bercovici…

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Climate Change Causes November Heat Wave

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Despite rising temperatures and climate crisis impact around the world, Israel’s temperatures are rising twice as fast as the global average, a report by the Israel Meteorological Service states. This November was one of the hottest Novembers ever recorded with temperatures up to 2.5 degrees higher during the day, and up to 2 degrees higher…

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Israel Sends 120 Delegates to COP26 

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Thousands of global delegates are participating in the 26th annual climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Hosted by the United Nations, the Conference of Parties, or COP26, aims “to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” Given the state of the world, the high-stakes agenda is…

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