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Israeli Child Finds Ancient Fertility Figurine

in Life, Culture & Sports

An 8-year-old boy uncovered what is thought to be an ancient fertility symbol from 11,500 years ago. As he was hiking in Northern Israel, Itamar Barnea of Kibbutz Malkiya found an intriguing stone and picked it up. Only two years later, his mother Reut was digging through household items, and rediscovered the stone. She presented…

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Birth is Booming Across Israeli Hospitals

in Health & Science

Hospitals across Israel have reached capacity, with maternal wards bursting with babies in record breaking numbers during July of 2018. Babies commonly boom during summer months; however, this year has seen an all-time high with a 10% increase rate for hospitals Ichilov in Tel Aviv, Haemek in Afula, Soroka in Beer Sheba, Shaare Zedek Center…

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New Israel Tourism Projects on the Rise

in Tourism & Nature

Global tourists contribute over 20 billion New Israeli Shekels to the Israeli tourism industry, and visitors have increased about 25% from 2016 to 2017 alone. Last year brought in 3.6 million tourists, and 2018 is predicted to expect the same if not more. With such an influx of people must come a more supportive infrastructure.…

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Israeli Banks Meet American Law

in Economy & Innovation

Foreigners in Israel are finding banking more troublesome than usual, and it’s not because of the language barrier, careless service or impatient customers. While banking in Israel has had fairly lax standards in regard to where foreign finances have come from, the American banking system, accompanied by the Department of Justice, is now stepping in…

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Cigarette Butts for a Birthday Gift?

in Health & Science

As the sun set on Friday night, July 19, which was also the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day, over a dozen local residents scattered along the Tel Aviv beach with one goal – to clean up cigarette butts. The idea was inspired by environmental activist and lifestyle mentor, Julian Melcer, who invited both friends and…

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