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Education Reform Must Be Prioritized in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

Israel’s education system is failing, and its largely due to its lack of a standard education curriculum. A recent policy brief by Dan Ben-David, an economy professor at Tel Aviv University and Founder of the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research, explains a grim future for children, and Israel overall, should education continue to be dismissed…

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Health Matters Most in Israel, Study Shows

in Health & Science

A recent study asked citizens of Israel to prioritize what mattered to them most by quality of life indicators. Across the board for all sectors including Israelis, Arabs, and Haredi, health was the top priority. Quality of life indicators covered ten areas, such as family, health, education, income, employment, housing, community, environment, public infrastructure, and…

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Shalva Band Adds to a Successful Eurovision

in Life, Culture & Sports

Eurovision is over yet its waves are still running through the current of Israel. After a successful week of music, cheer and a beautifully driven quality production, Israel has proven it can manage an event of high scale. While Netherlands won the final vote, one special interval act seemed to capture the hearts of many…

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Woman Captured Hearts on Israeli Independence Day

in Life, Culture & Sports

A needed moment of authentic humanity was witnessed through Israeli media during Israel’s 71st birthday celebration, thanks to 93-year-old Marie Nahmias. Nahmias, a true woman of valor, has quietly created a safe haven for both Arab and Israeli children in her home, which shines a light on just how possible peace might be. For 54…

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Israel is Pumped Up for Eurovision

in Tourism & Nature

With last year’s win by Netta Barzilai, Israel is laying out the blue, white, and orange carpet for Eurovision officials, artists and guests. The kickoff ceremony was hosted on Sunday evening at a crowded Habima Square, and “Dare to Dream” is the theme running through the veins of the now buzzing Eurovision Village. The village …

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