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Isolated Citizens Join Together

in Life, Culture & Sports

With about 75,000 citizens in quarantine, and the rest under lockdown, there has been an overload of new online communities popping up. Due to social distancing, being social these days means tuning in to the dozens of online classes, livestreams, zoom meetings, and other scroll-worthy offerings. One Israeli group which translated “Isolated”, with its admin…

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How Israelis are Handling Quarantine

in Health & Science

In hopes of preventing the quick spreading contagious coronavirus, the Ministry of Health announced that all new arrivals landing in Israel will be required to self-quarantine, adding to the over 80,000 people already in their midst of the 14-day isolation period. The Health Ministry is taking the pandemic seriously, and taking heavy precautions to ensure…

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Record-breaking Rainfall Leads to Heartbreaking Deaths

in Tourism & Nature

Only days after 2020 swooped in, biblical rain, or perhaps an extreme result of climate change, graced the lands of Israel. Within only a few hours, certain spots received 3.5 inches of rain, more than half of what the month of January typically averages. The country saw various degrees of flooding, which resulted in blocked…

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Train from TLV – JLM Finally Takes Off

in Economy & Innovation

Taking double the time and double the cost, the fast train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem finally launched its first successful journey on Saturday evening, December 21. The project was birthed in 2001, was meant to be completed in 2008, yet has seen many road blocks and financial shortages throughout the years. The train, originally…

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Central Bus Station Key to Urban Renewal 

in Economy & Innovation/Life, Culture & Sports

With an increasing population and limited space, the Tel Aviv municipality is finally turning towards its heavily neglected south. The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Local Planning and Building Commission recently approved an urban development plan which will add 13,000 square meters of housing units, 153,000 square units of business space, and 33,500 square meters in public space,…

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