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Israeli Innovation Saves Caribbean Beaches

in Economy & Innovation

When Ydgal Ach visited the Dominican Republic in 2018, he was met firsthand with one of their major pain points: an excessive amount of stinky seaweed washed up along their beautiful white beaches. The algae called Sargassum was continuously being washed in from the ocean, seasonally hitting the shores. When Ach discovered that as a…

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Israeli Researchers in Top 2%; Stanford University Study

in Health & Science

In a recent study by Stanford University, some 160,000 researchers spanning 149 countries were ranked in a peer-review scientific journal PLOS Biology. Tel Aviv University researchers, 333 of them, were ranked in the top 2% of the list, which included 22 scientific disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines. Rankings were based on impact, publications, and citations. About…

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Israeli Vaccination Begins as Third Lockdown Announced

in Health & Science

As the vaccination campaign kicked off on Sunday, thousands of Israelis called to book appointments, causing the system to briefly crash, keeping people on hold for up to two hours. Despite the slight chaos, by the end of Sunday, 170,000 people booked an appointment. So far, about 75,000 vaccines were given. The campaign included public…

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ReMilk Reimagines Dairy Products – Raises $11.3 million

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Imagine having a glass of dairy milk without needing a cow. Remilk is reimagining dairy products and how they are produced. The Israeli company recently raised $11.3 million dollars in their first investment round and speaks to the rising market for plant and animal alternatives. The team has uncovered a way to use only 5%…

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Interview with Prof. Gabriel Izbicki, Pulmonary Institute Director 

in Health & Science/Monthly Report

As Israel enters its tenth month of experiencing COVID-19, officials are hopeful that an upcoming vaccine will be the cure. We spoke with Professor Gabriel Izbicki, Director of the Pulmonary Institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, who has been operating on the front lines since the first drop of coronavirus in March. Izbicki…

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