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Confirmed Cousins, Jews and Arabs Genetically and Anciently Linked

in Life, Culture & Sports

In a recent international study, experts analyzed almost one hundred of said Canaanites skeletons, and found a “deep genetic connection of many Jewish groups today across the Diaspora and many Arab groups to this part of the world thousands of years ago,” says David Reich, a top expert in ancient DNA and a Harvard University…

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The Corona Impact on Israel’s Economy

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report

The Coronavirus tidal wave has not spared Israel in its passage around the world. As a small country of 9 million people, heavily reliant on international trade for its survival, the impact has been fast and profound.  First,  the bad news. The closure of its main (virtually sole) gateway, Ben Gurion International Airport, to tourist and business…

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Israeli Agriculture Is Top of the Field

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Professor Dani Zamir of Hebrew University is being awarded with the Israel Prize for his research on genetic cultivation and improving plant life. The award is given annually by the Education Ministry for scholars who are contributing valuable research to the fields of agriculture and environmental science. Zamir has been teaching genetics at Hebrew University…

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Air Pollution in Israel Causes Serious Threat

in Health & Science

Air pollution in Israel is reported at higher levels than acceptable by the Clear Air Law, which aims to improve air quality and reduce air pollution by prescribing regulations in order to protect human life and the natural environment. Based on a recent report by the Environmental Protection and Health Ministry, and also using data…

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Products in Israel Cost 28% More than Global Average

in Economy & Innovation

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation in 2019 has only increased by 0.6%, which falls extraordinarily below expectations, which were predicted to increase between 1-3%.  In fact, for the past six years, Israel has not met its expected inflation rates, frustrating banks, economists, and creating a data-driven mess for the Israeli economy. With…

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