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Israel Appoints Ultra-Orthodox Female Judge

in Health & Science

Havi Toker just made history as the first official Ultra-Orthodox judge appointed to Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court in Israel. Toker, 41, studied law at Hebrew University and spent the past two decades working in the legal district in Jerusalem. Her appointment to the Supreme Court is a large leap forward for women. Toker was born in…

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Bye Bye, Binary Options

in Economy & Innovation

It’s not often a government shuts down a multi-billion-dollar business, but in the case of the corrupt binary options industry, the Israeli government has approved a nationwide ban. The binary options business has been around for a decade and has long been known for its fraudulent and financial scamming, and overall “unkosher” business practices. Only…

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Skipping Lines is Now Legal

in Life, Culture & Sports

The one thing the Israeli Government can agree on unanimously is kindness. A new law legislates that Israelis over the age of 80 can request priority service in public offices. This means that at banks, post offices, pharmacies, stores and other bureaucratic places, the elderly can skip, or saunter, to the front of the line.…

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The Holy Land gets High

in Life, Culture & Sports

People can smoke weed in Israel and not go to jail – at least as long as they don’t get caught on repeat. A new law has been passed in the Israeli government decriminalizing recreational use of marijuana. For those who have been pushing for this state law to pass, there is no need for…

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