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We Need to Talk About Eilat

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

I was shocked when I heard the news. Thirty Israelis were said to have waited in line. Israelis aren’t known for waiting in line. Yet this line was different. In this line, allegedly stood some 30 men and boys waiting their turn to rape a 16-year old girl. She was visiting an Eilat hotel with…

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Israelis Want to Support the People of Lebanon

in Health & Science

Tragedy hit the port of Beirut on August 5, 2020, when over 2,700 tons of flammable ammonium nitrate exploded, causing the displacement of 300,000 people, over 5,000 people injured, and 150 fatalities. While Israel and Lebanon haven’t been the friendliest neighbors, the disaster has inspired a sense of transcending borders and a return to humanity.…

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Drive in and Float in Theaters Take on Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports

It’s been challenging to keep the culture alive within the coronavirus era. Theaters and entertainment have become a dead industry, and many are suffering the consequences. However, the Tel Aviv Municipality is making efforts to bring back the culture however they can. Last week, they revived a somewhat vintage experience, which made a comeback to…

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Corona Making Waves in Culture and Education

in Life, Culture & Sports

Schools in Israel are scheduled to open on September 1, despite concerns that re-opening too early in May was the cause of the second COVID-19 outbreak. While second wave numbers are falling for the first time in weeks, officials have announced that the school year will go on no matter what, with a few changes.…

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Solar Power Will Save the World

in Economy & Innovation

The Environmental Protection Ministry, supported by the OECD, is urging Israel to move to 40% renewable energy by 2030, despite their previously stated goal of 30%, which is still being pursued by the Energy Ministry. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz continues to push for gas-powered plants stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, and says that 30% is…

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