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Mensch Film Festival Comes to Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Three German-speaking countries’ embassies in Israel have teamed up to create a unique film festival titled “Mensch!” In German, the word means human being, and in Yiddish, it means a person who acts with honor and integrity. Germany, Austria and Switzerland have joined forces during the week of December 16 to 24 to showcase films…

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Holocaust Remembrance and the Rise of Hate

in Life, Culture & Sports

Every year on January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, when people from across the globe commemorate the tragedy which took place during World War II. The notable day is intended to honor the victims who suffered through and because of the Holocaust, remembering the widespread genocide which occurred with the unfortunate combination of hatred, ignorance…

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A loan word portal born of great patience

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

After eight years of painstaking work, Uriel Adiv has published an online dictionary for German loan words in Hebrew. A “very good, wonderful thing” is known in Hebrew as a “Goldstik”. For those with a knowledge of German it is immediately obvious the word is based on the German “Goldstück” (treasure). It is just one…

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Sara von Schwarze: Between Two Worlds

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

The apartment in downtown Tel Aviv could feature in any architecture magazine as the quintessential artist’s digs. Two cats doze picturesquely amid piles of photographs, books, scripts. At the big round table sits Sara von Schwarze against a backdrop of trees swaying in the wind visible out the window behind her. The actress is very…

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Economic ties: ‘Made in Germany‘ in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

“In the beginning there was light,” says Doron Arazi with a wry grin. The historian researched the history of German products in Israel. And came across one of the earliest newspaper ads for the Munich-based lighting firm Osram – in the territory that then fell under the British Mandate for Palestine. German-Israeli relations have undergone…

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