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Once Upon a Time in Be’er Sheva

in Life, Culture & Sports

A hopeful desert harvest, a solo street shoe cobbler, or a celebratory dance circle are captured in black and white, yet the old time images scream with soul. The photographs are a few of the many which were captured after 1948, when Israel was setting its foundations. The slew of photos from the 1950s and…

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Self Driving Cars on Tel Aviv Road

in Economy & Innovation

Self driving cars have officially hit the road. Yandex, a Russian tech company with a fleet of autonomous cars, was given approval to test the autonomous cars in a northern part of Tel Aviv. The technology, comprised of aspects of computer vision, machine learning, and cloud technologies, was tested for the fifth time in an…

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Exhibition Naomi Leshem: The Ghosts Of Others

in Life, Culture & Sports

Israeli-Swiss artist Naomi Leshem made a name for herself through her simple and serene photography. Her latest exhibition is “Ghosts of Others” and is not consistently recognizable as “typical” Naomi Leshem work. The series marks a turning point in Leshem’s art, from the processing of her own biography to the stories of others: people, objects…

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National Library of Israel is Online

in Tourism & Nature

In the latest global culture project led by Google Arts & Culture, the National Library of Israel, and a number of its exhibitions, are now available to be seen across the world online. In their project called Once Upon A Try, Google aims to share “stories of invention and discovery,” and is partnering with NASA,…

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Intransition: An Art Exhibit to Support Transgender

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

When two young Israelis, both identifying as transgender, were murdered in Tel Aviv this past summer, the LGBTQ community raised their rainbow flags high and protested against the violence towards the queer community. In the past decade around the globe, almost 3,000 transgender and diverse-gender people have been killed by shooting, stabbing or beating. And…

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