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Unnatural Disaster: Worst Oil Spill in the Mediterranean Coast

in Health & Science

The worst oil spill to date has marred at least 40% of Israel’s coastline. About sixteen towns over 106 miles situated along the Mediterranean Sea have been impacted by an undocumented oil spill that released dozens of tons of oil into the sea. Since last Wednesday, black tar is washing up along the shorelines, and…

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Third Lockdown Ends As Israel Continues to Fight Coronavirus

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

After over a month in national lockdown, Israeli officials declared an economic reopening as of Sunday, February 7. Officials are meeting to determine how to effectively open Israel once again despite the still rising coronavirus cases. The airport remains closed, though officials have been said to be in travel agreement with Greece. Some outdoor and…

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Special Olympics Israel Changes Game for Doctor Patient Relationship

in Health & Science

People with intellectual disabilities have one of the lowest health access rates and outcomes, reported from UN data. This means that the people who need easier access to healthcare are finding more barriers to receiving proper care. However, the Special Olympics Israel (SOI) is working to change that with a new solution to an old…

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Let Holocaust Memorial Day Mark Our Liberation

in Life, Culture & Sports

My dad doesn’t talk about it, and his parents never talked about it. It makes our family history blurry, despite the fact that I can feel the third-generation trauma in my blood. It’s as if the memories flow deeply through my veins, and while I can’t recall the stories, I sense the deep sorrow that…

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Israeli Innovation Saves Caribbean Beaches

in Economy & Innovation

When Ydgal Ach visited the Dominican Republic in 2018, he was met firsthand with one of their major pain points: an excessive amount of stinky seaweed washed up along their beautiful white beaches. The algae called Sargassum was continuously being washed in from the ocean, seasonally hitting the shores. When Ach discovered that as a…

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