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Dead Sea

Israel and Jordan Partner on Joint Sea Canal

in Economy & Innovation

One thing Middle Eastern neighbors Jordan and Israel can agree on is the scarcity of the most needed energy resource for survival – water. With Israel’s massive experience when it comes to water preservation and sanitation, a project which had been postponed numerous times based on political conflict is now expected to be moving forward…

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The Dead Sea is Dying

in Tourism & Nature

Thousands of sinkholes have popped up, or more literally, sunken into the area surrounding the Dead Sea. As the lowest point on Earth, the natural sinkhole phenomenon occurring around the Dead Sea is being caused by the lack of water being filtered into the big pond, and the abundance of water being filtered out. Because…

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D(r)ead or alive?

in Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

It is by far no new phenomenon that the Dead Sea declines, new sink holes appear on a daily basis and the water level is constantly sinking. Deserted shower skeletons, patrol stations and dying palm trees are witness to the previous water edge that only few residents of the neighbouring communities remember. Haaretz’ new interactive…

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