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Early diagnosis of autism has 88% chance of Saving Lives

in Health & Science/Monthly Report

“There has to be another way,” thought Dr. Hanna Alonim, as she saw 6-year old children tied to their beds, over-stimulated and over-medicated. When Hanna started her professional career in the 80’s and later received her PhD in Mental Health, she spent time working with a group of deaf children. What she discovered was frightening.…

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Stories from the Holy Land: Kid-o-Fun

in Life, Culture & Sports

‘If you ask me, three children are one too many.’ When my mother made this statement about her idea of family planning last week, I suddenly started to feel uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum. She is a wise lady, a mother, a former teacher, and she is right most of the…

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Waze’s new life saving function

in Health & Science

The media platform The Verge reports a new function of the navigation app Waze that is developed in order to save the lives of kids forgotten in cars. Statistics show that in the US alone 37 children passed died on average from heatstrokes in vehicles since 1998. Also in Israel, where it can get terribly…

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First trust fund for every child

in Economy & Innovation

The National Insurance Institute’s Administration is going to introduce a plan called ‘Savings for every child’ on January 1 2017. The plan will enable everyone reaching age 18 to begin their adult life with NIS 20,000 in the bank. “The new trust fund for every child will go a long way to narrow the social…

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