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Israelis are going places

in Tourism & Nature

Israelis are flying high, both literally and figuratively. Since the Open Sky Agreement, or “Open Skies,” between Israel and the European Union was signed in 2013, the number of Israelis travelling abroad has increased by 85%. Between January to May of 2017, over 2.2 million Israelis have taken flight. Compared to the same time period…

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People are taking Flight this Passover

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Passover vacation is the perfect time for travelers to escape their daily lives for adventure. During Passover, thousands of Israelis chose to do just that. Schools and some offices go on break for about 3 weeks, and bureaucratic offices and services are in holiday mode too. Thanks to the recent Open Skies agreement, where about…

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The Far East Just Got Closer

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Thanks to epic efforts to increase travel and tourism to Israel, the newest direct flight from Hong Kong recently landed at Ben Gurion Airport on Saturday. Cathay Pacific, which has won the title of World’s Best Airline four times, is one of many new airlines who has created a direct flight option to the small…

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Mile High Club for Marriage

in Life, Culture & Sports

Couples in Israel are getting married later in life, and the percentage of people getting married overall has dropped by over 29% since two years ago. This sharp decrease is likely, or most definitely, due to the harsh and strict rulings of the Jewish Rabbinate, who still hold control over the marriage laws in Israel,…

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Big Boost for New Airport

in Tourism & Nature

The government is currently preparing the opening of Israel’s most-southern airport near Eilat. However, while the finishing touches are applied to Ramon Airport (scheduled to open in April 2017), the weathered Ovda airport has now been exempted from landing fees for the next season. This will not only boost this winter’s tourism but will make…

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