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Expect a Sea of Trash by 2050

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Sea temperatures in Eilat have reached their highest average in the last 30 years at 29.1 degrees Celsius (84.4 degrees F). The study done by Eilat Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences says that sea warming is increasing at an average of 0.036, which is three times higher than the global average.  The southern Red Sea…

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Second Jerusalem Wildfire This Month

in Tourism & Nature

On Sunday, wildfires spread rapidly in the Judean Hills, which span across a cluster of suburbs outside of Jerusalem. At least ten communities were evacuated by authorities over the 52-hour battle, and a national security meeting of the Cabinet was cut short when the Prime Minister needed to tend to the engulfing force of nature. …

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Shark Nursery Discovered in Tel Aviv Seas

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Recent research has shown a heavy concentration of deepwater baby sharks and eggs were found off the coast of Tel Aviv, which they say speaks majorly to the impact that climate change is having on the deep sea. The large nursery “was happening under our noses for thousands of years…hiding in plain sight, which highlights…

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Environmental Minister Heeds UN Warning on Climate Change

in Tourism & Nature

After the UN released a report on climate change calling for Israel to act now, Environmental Minister Tamar Zandberg declared a climate emergency, choosing to take the “strategic threat” seriously.   In her statement, she said, “To this end, it is necessary to declare a climate emergency and define the climate crisis as a strategic threat…

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Israeli Pollution Costs NIS 31 Billion 

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

A report released last Sunday by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that Israel spent NIS 31 billion on external costs of pollution in 2018. External costs are the financially valued sum of negative effects polluted emissions have on human health and the environment. The majority of costs were the result of transportation, which made up…

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