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Treasures of the Roman Empire

in Tourism & Nature

What has happened to the two hobby divers Ran Feinstein and Ofer Raanan near Caesarea was a diver’s dream come true: they came across a huge treasure that turned out to become the most significant find of the past 30 years: it was the cargo of a merchant ship that sank during the Late Roman…

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Passion Project: Arabesque in Acre

in Tourism & Nature

It is literally the passion project of a man’s heart: When the award-winning Israeli American author Evan Fallenberg came across the run-down premise in the old city of Acre, he had a vision: restore, renovate – and create a beautiful cultural centre for writers, musicians, translators of all religions. Since Evan is not only a…

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Eilat’s new international airport

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Most Israelis admit easily that Eilat isn’t the most enchanting place on earth. On the other hand the desert city along the Red Sea turns out to be one of the everlasting hot spots for local tourists and internationals alike. This not only boosted the ego of the local Eilatis who love their city –…

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Runway for Israeli innovations

in Tourism & Nature/Uncategorized

One thing is for sure: David Ben Gurion would have been delighted! A new photo exhibition is going to entertain up to 8 million passengers on their way from the passport control to the gates at the international airport Ben Gurion. This exhibition is initiated by the Ministry of Science and showcases 60 Israeli developments…

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D(r)ead or alive?

in Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

It is by far no new phenomenon that the Dead Sea declines, new sink holes appear on a daily basis and the water level is constantly sinking. Deserted shower skeletons, patrol stations and dying palm trees are witness to the previous water edge that only few residents of the neighbouring communities remember. Haaretz’ new interactive…

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