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100,000 Big Dreams for 2030

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

What do Google, the sewing machine, and the periodic table have in common? They were all inspired by a dream. While ‘dreamers’ are not often taken seriously, there is a serious need for more dreams, believes Sharonna Karni Cohen, Founder of Dreame, a venture which turns people’s dreams into art. This year, inspired by International…

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“I Will Miss Tel Aviv’s Energy”

in Economy & Innovation/Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

Jean-Daniel Ruch was the Swiss ambassador to Israel for five years. We spoke to him for one last interview, where he looks back on his time in the country as well as thinks about the future of Israel … The interview was conducted by Katharina Höftmann Ciobotaru Israel Between the Lines (BTL): Mr. Ambassador, you…

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Women’s Stories Will Change the World

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

There’s a huge disparity in the number of funds that are invested in women. It can be seen on all levels, in healthcare, employment, education, and specifically, Hollywood, points out Paula Kweskin, Founder and Director of The 49%, a nonprofit focusing on advocacy, education, and “moving the needle on critical women’s rights.”  Kweskin a US…

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Interview with Gilad Carni, Founder of UAE Innovation Israel

in Monthly Report

“Now that the first excitement has settled, the real business is coming.” Gilad Carni heads the UAE Israel Innovation Office. He is a successful founder many times over and has invested in Israeli start-ups for years as an Angel Investor, one of which was the first Israeli start-up to be sold to Google. With his…

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Israeli Architecture Must Get Greener

in Health & Science/Monthly Report

Mitzpe Ramon, a small Israeli desert town in the middle of the spectacular Ramon crater is architecturally interesting. But while buildings, like luxury hotel Beresheet, just look like they’re well adapted to their surroundings (in truth, the “natural stone” is only decorated concrete), the “Landroom Observatory” is using building materials that fit well in the…

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