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Israel is Running, Not Walking, On Sunshine

in Economy & Innovation

Why shouldn’t free, natural and available resources be used to their best advantage? Israel has initiated a new project called Ashalim, which focuses on harnessing sunshine to provide natural energy. Despite its placement in the Middle East, readily available with sun at most moments, Israel has yet to keep up with other nations when it…

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Politics And Media Sources Still Corrupt

in Economy & Innovation

It might be the most legally ambiguous story of the year so far. Benjamin Netanyahu has recently received many blows about corruption, as well as his potentially corrupt counterpart, Arnon Mozes of the Yediot Ahronot newspaper. Evidence has surfaced stating that Netanyahu and Mozes were in talks about a beneficial agreement. The agreement would consist…

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Dizengoff Square is Now A Pile of Rubble

in Life, Culture & Sports

For anyone who has ever stepped into Dizengoff Square, you may understand the magical appeal of the legendary Fire and Water Fountain. The fountain used to spin around as her colorful state, spitting fire, splashing water and playing classical tunes every hour on the hour. Created by artist Yaacov Agam in 1986, the fountain sat…

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Israeli Startup Makes Breakthrough for Parkinson’s Diagnosis

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

An Israeli startup called BioShai is paving the way for creating a new experience for patients who may suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Their product is a simple blood test to allow for an early diagnosis of the disease. It all started in 2010 when a company’s research showed that specific genes in blood could detect…

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Northern Israel Ravaged By Flames

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

The northern part of Israel is urgently suffering due to many fires in the region since Tuesday. What may have started as a dry fire has now flipped into a state of emergency in Israel. Families have lost their homes and belongings, and over 60,000 people have been evacuated from Haifa, the well-known port city.…

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