Climate Change Causes November Heat Wave

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Despite rising temperatures and climate crisis impact around the world, Israel’s temperatures are rising twice as fast as the global average, a report by the Israel Meteorological Service states. This November was one of the hottest Novembers ever recorded with temperatures up to 2.5 degrees higher during the day, and up to 2 degrees higher at night. Overall, Israel’s temperature is at 1.7 Celsius, which edges dangerously close to the threshold of 1.5 Celsius, when climate scientists believe a new systemic threat will be unleashed if reached.  

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While Israeli officials have vowed carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of the Paris Agreement in the latest climate conference, COP26, there is still distance between desire and action. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett jumped on board with other countries, stating “with the new goal, Israel aligns with the rest of developed countries which already act to achieve the goal of net-zero emissions. We take on this global challenge, produce technological solutions and contribute to achieve this important goal.”

Officials have not yet made any notable announcements supporting a tangible action plan. 

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