Israel and Jordan Sign Solar and Water Deal 

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After recent meetings between Israeli and Jordanian Energy Ministers in the UAE, an agreement was made and signed to build a major solar power plant in Jordan, that will generate electricity for Israel, and a desalination plant in Israel that will supply water to Jordan. 

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The declaration of intent was signed by Israel on Monday, and will likely be the largest regional cooperation project to date between the neighboring countries. The proposal was discussed with parties from Israel, Jordan, the UAE, and the United States. Parties involved in the signing include Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Jordanian King Abdullah, Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, and Jordanian Water Minister Mohammed Al-Najjar, UAE special envoy on climate change Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, and US climate envoy John Kerry. 

Israel’s national security advisor Eyal Saluta, who commented on the deal highlighted that “the Abraham Accords are the enabler of such an important agreement to promote the national security of both of our countries.”


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