World Renowned Japanese Art Exhibit Visits Tel Aviv

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In a quickly selling-out exhibit, renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama famous fantastical artistry will head to Tel Aviv. Opening on November 15 and running until mid-April, tickets are currently only available in February. The 92-year old Kusama is known for her interactive, enveloping, mesmerizing displays of many polka dots and repetitions.

Her art exhibit ranks in the top ten from around the world. Over 200 works will be featured in the Tel Aviv Art Museum, encompassing over 3,000 square meters in at least six different galleries in the museum. The exhibit includes artwork from over 80 years of creation, including a piece from 1934.

The exhibit is organized by Gropius Bau in Berlin in collaboration with the museum. It is curated by the director of Gropius Bau, Stephanie Rosenthal, and Suzanne Landau, the museum’s former curator who returned specifically for this project. Of Kusama, Landau says “The art of 92-year-old Yayoi Kusama, which thrills millions of people around the world, encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, cinema, and fashion. Her entire oeuvre is mesmerizingly powerful, impressive, and pleasurable at the same time. The presentation of her retrospective at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is definitely a unique event of historic magnitude.”

Photo Credit: Tel Aviv Art Museum

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