Israeli Startup Technology Reduces Sugar in Juice

in Economy & Innovation

Juice seems like a healthy enough substance; however, it’s also loaded with unhealthy sugars. Israeli startup Better Juice has found a way to “disrupt the juice industry” and reduce the sugars in fresh juices. Their process takes simple sugars such as fructose, glucose and sucrose, and converts them into fibers and other non-digestible natural sugars, preserving the flavors and nutrients in the fruit juice.

Better Juice is serving up what the customer wants – less sugar. The average fresh apple or orange juice has up to six teaspoons of sugar per cup. Especially for young children who love juice, this can add up to a sugar overdose. The website states that over 20% of the intake of sugars is in beverages.

Founded by Eran Blachinsky with the technology developed in collaboration with Hebrew University, the company is also supported by the “Kitchen FoodTech Hub,” an incubator for Strauss Food Group in Israel. Better Juice is serving the manufacturing of juices, offering an environmentally friendly one-step solution to reduce sugars at minimal costs. The technology serves as a column for the juice to pass through for a “natural non fermentative process without adding or removing ingredients.”

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