Will Israeli Tourism Be Popular Post-Pandemic?

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Before March 2020, Israeli tourism was on the rise. As the economy reopens thanks to a mass vaccination campaign and the Green Passport concept, Israel may return to being a top-listed destination for global citizens who are craving a post-COVID getaway. Travel companies are already seeing bookings for the winter of 2021. 

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While flights are still limited between countries, airlines are announcing new routes starting in May, including daily routes from New York. Even the Royal Caribbean Cruises are noted to be planning a stop in Israel too, as well as the thousands of new tourist opportunities thanks to peace agreements with UAE, Morocco, and the other Gulf countries. 

Joanna Landau, CEO of Vibe Israel says, “I’ve never seen this much interest in Israeli tourism than I’ve seen right now. COVID-19 has created another opportunity. Because of the vaccinations. And Israel is the first country to use the Green Pass. It’s already opened up for culture and lifestyle. Now business as well. The world is looking at Israel as a tourist destination. We’re literally the first — when are we ever the first? –we’ve got this amazing, amazing opportunity, and very time-limited to be the first to bring back travel. We’ve got a great offering, whether it’s Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, food culture, desert, weather, beaches, and it’s safe. We’ve all been vaccinated. We will only let in vaccinated people, and when you’re here, there’s an adherence to the basic rules. Israel is one of the few countries one can actually travel to, once we open the skies.”

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